Walker Film Production

Following passion is what got us where we are today. We've told a lot of stories. Made a lot of images. Helped a lot of people.

It's more than just delivering content. Content for its own sake is easy. What counts in our shop is clarity of process. Consistency. Invention. Focus.

This form of renewable energy is changing the world.

Kung Fu is awesome.

Local Sprouts is a cooperatively owned restaurant in Portland Maine that sources 100% of its ingredients from local farms.

GRIME is a building in Maine brought to life by 20 years of music, art, poetry, and emotions.  It gives 30 bands a place to practice regularly.  24 hours a day.  7 days a week.  GRIME will be demolished within a year to clear space to build a parking lot.

The Community Doula Birth Program provides free doula services to low-income pregnant women and their families.

Tina Marian practices a powerful form of healing that originated 5000 years ago in China.

Knives.  Fire.  A six foot ladder.  Dont try this at home.  Matiss Duhon has been juggling and performing for 20 years.

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