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Following passion is what got us where we are today. We've told a lot of stories. Made a lot of images. Helped a lot of people.

It's more than just delivering content. Content for its own sake is easy. What counts in our shop is clarity of process. Consistency. Invention. Focus.

Virtual Reality Jugglers

I can remember being a little kid dreaming of virtual reality.  It seemed so far off.  It was science fiction.  But the future got here quicker than I thought it would.

A company called V.360° chose me to be one of the first filmmakers to test out their new camera.  The thing is amazing.  It can film everything in front, behind, and all around you in a complete 360 degree panorama.

My sister, Abbeth, and I took it out for a day of biking and juggling all over Portland, Maine.  Here is a short, virtual reality video documenting our adventure:

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