Walker Film Production

Following passion is what got us where we are today. We've told a lot of stories. Made a lot of images. Helped a lot of people.

It's more than just delivering content. Content for its own sake is easy. What counts in our shop is clarity of process. Consistency. Invention. Focus.

I'm building a factory

After seven years of making movies full time at Walker Film Production, my journey has taken an exciting turn.  In a roundabout way, making all these movies rekindled my interest in making physical things, which eventually led me to open a makerspace in Portland, Maine.

Factory 3 is a new business that I started to provide an affordable community work space accessible to all.  Here’s a 1-minute video of the buildout that began three weeks ago.

I will still be accepting occaisional video jobs, but most of my time and energy is now going to be devoted to getting this factory up and runnning!

– Patrick Walker Russell

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