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Following passion is what got us where we are today. We've told a lot of stories. Made a lot of images. Helped a lot of people.

It's more than just delivering content. Content for its own sake is easy. What counts in our shop is clarity of process. Consistency. Invention. Focus.

Disposable Memories

This past fall I was invited to travel across the USA with Hidden Ladder Collective.  My first instinct was to bring a ton of video gear with me to document the trip.  Then, at the last minute, I decided to take a much lighter approach.

I left Maine with only a handful of cheap, disposable cameras.  It made for an interesting challenge.  The images were limited, so I was forced to choose my shots carefully.  There were no controls, so I couldn't adjust the focus or exposure.  But these simple cameras allowed me to capture moments that would have otherwise been lost.

The most exciting thing was that I had to wait weeks to get home and have the prints developed.  It brought back the feeling of magic that I can remember having at ten years old when I got my first camera.

Here are my seven favorite photographs from the trip.

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