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Farm Powered

It’s just like a giant cow's stomach – or a tiny power plant.  There are many ways to describe it, but one thing is certain.  This form of renewable energy is changing the world.

Anaerobic digestion is a relatively simple process.  It takes things that most people throw away – cow manure and food waste – and combines them to generate electricity, heat, and organic fertilizer.

Many problems are solved at once.  The farmer saves money.  The food manufacturer has an alternative to dumping waste into a landfill or down the sewer.  Methane is not being released into the atmosphere.  And, there is enough electricity left over to power hundreds of homes in the community.

This is already huge in Europe.  For example, right now Germany has 8,000 farms taking advantage of this technology.  The United States has only 250.

Vanguard Renewables has set out to change that and they hired WALKER to produce a series of films.  Here is the first one.

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